Patricia A. Crowley, Artist Statement


Patricia Crowley was born in Montreal and lives in Toronto.

Patricia paints landscapes drawing on her sense of wonder and energy when engaged with nature.  Working from memories and sensations of walking in the woods in Ontario or gazing at gardens in Italy, her works are meditations on what it feels like to be immersed in the natural world, captured through the shimmering qualities of natural light and unusual perspectives.

To create “secret garden” moods, dreamy landscapes or mysterious wood scenes, Patricia finely tunes her colours, using contrasting bright colours and shadows or subtle palettes and delicate gradations of pinks, greens and yellows in diffused light. She explores a variety of surfaces and textures with oil paint: from thin layered transparencies to thick patches of paint in the foreground. She uses loose painting strokes to give a sense of flow and kinetic energy, balanced with quieter evenly painted shapes.