Patricia Crowley, Biography

As a lawyer working for many years in the Human Resources field, Patricia always loved working with people; however, she also yearned for the solitude she found in art.  Although she has always been passionate about painting and drawing, it was only in 2009 that Patricia decided to begin painting landscapes and portraits in a sustained way.

Taking her inspiration from the recent landscape and portrait works of David Hockney, Patricia creates mysterious worlds in forest and urban landscapes, where strokes of both delicate and bright colour collide to create delicate moods or vibrating, dramatic contrasts.

Patricia created her most recent paintings from photographs and memories of hiking on the Bruce Trail and canoeing on Six Mile Lake as well from a trip in October 2012 to the Douro Valley in Portugal.  

Born in Montreal, Patricia now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She is fluent in French and is currently learning Italian.



Part-time student at the Ontario College of Art



Studio painting at the Anne Tanenbaum Art School at the Art Gallery of Ontario



Artist Workshop with Kim Dorland, Emma Lake, University of Saskatchewan


Studio painting at Project Art School with Ewa Stryjnik.



Figure painting with Brian Smith, Visual Arts Mississauga



Portrait painting with Sholem Krishtalka,  Anne Tanenbaum Art School, AGO



Portrait painting with Brian Smith, Haliburton School of Art at OCAD





Visual Arts Mississauga